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A world of flourishing companies
powered by the right talent

The story

With twenty years of experience in the recruitment industry, we saw a flaw in the way people hire and were determined to fix it. We found that people were either spending too much time trying to use complicated recruiting software or were trying to hire without any organization whatsoever. That’s countless hours lost on time that could have been spent finding the right talent and growing your business.

Recruitment should be fun, it’s about building the right team to accomplish one collective goal. And it should be easy! So we created an intuitive platform that streamlines your entire recruitment workflow and lets you manage the entire process without any training or digging through your inbox.

We believe:

Great companies are built by great people. And every company
should have access to the right tools to make great hires.

Meet our team

An optimist and surf amateur with a love for pasta and films based on a true story.
Have any pasta movies that are based on a true story recommendations?

Elias has lived in 5 countries and traveled to 40 and counting.
Only 155 more to go...

 Don’t offer him a tall latte, he doesn’t drink coffee.
Oddly enough, Sweden is one of the top 10 coffee consumers in the world.

She's always looking for someone to try new restaurants with,
but often finds herself hanging out with plants instead.

He proclaims that anyone who doesn't believe that functional
programming will take over the world is a delusional pagan.

He was once a correctional officer and loves all sports that involve a ball.
Now the question is, what sports don't involve one?

Happo is part of the Academic Work family

Together with five other disruptive startups within its sister group AWX,
we work every day to challenge the market with new (tech) ideas.

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