A simple, yet powerful platform

Manage your recruitments

Getting applicants in your email can be messy. Easily create new positions and have them visualized in a streamlined overview.

Manage your positions

See all your positions and candidates in one place. Know exactly what positions you need to fill and have candidates grouped within the right jobs.

Tailor candidate info

Get the information that matters most to you. Customize what details you want a candidate to provide to make screening go more smoothly.

Evaluate candidates

Assess candidates individually and see a collective score for each candidate based on how your team members rate them. See how well they do amongst other applicants.

Interview templates

Conduct your interviews using our
ready-to-use templates as a guide or upload your own.

Communication templates

Use our communication templates to keep candidates updated on the process. From invitation to rejection, we’ve got templates for every circumstance.

Link candidates

Get candidates straight into your pipeline and never lose an applicant again by linking them straight into Happo from your career site.

Screening questions

Set screening questions for the candidate to answer when applying.
Get the information you need from a candidate at the beginning of your recruitment process and take on the screening process with ease.

Customize your pipeline

Get candidates straight into your pipeline and never lose an applicant again by linking them straight into Happo from your career site.

Reference check templates

Use our reference check templates

Send individual or bulk messages

Keep candidates updated on your hiring
process. Send messages to multiple candidates directly in-app.

Make great decisions together

Hiring doesn't need to be a solo affair. Build your recruitment hub where you share templates and standards for your recruitment processes.

Drag-and-drop pipeline

Visualize your process with a drag-and-drop pipeline and know exactly where you are in the hiring process at a glance. You can even customize your pipeline.

Create your hiring team

Build different teams that work best for filling each job position. Set a structure and receive valuable reports and statistics based on the team.


Never forget specific tasks and important activities again by setting reminders to notify you by email and a specified time.

All in real-time

Everything shows in the app as it is happening. Your team can work together and see the same pipeline no matter where they are in the world.

Invite your colleagues

The role you're filling involves working alongside others. Get your colleagues to be a part of the process and contribute their unique perspectives.

Keep communication in-app

Discuss candidates with your colleagues directly on the candidate card and manage who can view the comments. You never have to go into your email to review a candidate.

Stay up-to-date

Know exactly what's going on in your recruitment process by receiving notifications of any changes in your recruitment pipeline.

Get more people on board

Sometimes filling a position is part of a bigger picture. Invite suppliers and clients into your pipeline for even larger efforts.

Request for Quota

Send a participation request when building a team, so members can accept or reject your project invitation. 

Invite Clients

Use Happo to present candidates to a client, for those who are in staffing and recruitment agencies.

Invite Suppliers

Send your project request to recruitment agencies and let them present their top talents to you. Don't worry, different agencies won't see each other's candidates.

Reports & Analytics

Learn valuable insights about your hiring process and what you can do to  improve them.


"Happo is the recruitment tool of choice if you are looking for a powerful, but easy-to-use tool that is intuitive and straightforward."

Niklas Roupé 

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