Saving your inbox from drowning is as easy as 1-2-3

Streamline your recruitment with Happo. Save endless hours in the process.

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1. Name your position

Set up your next position, evaluation criteria and recruitment scrum board in seconds. Use our ready-made templates or customize as you wish.

  • Add position details, attachments and your notes

  • Choose candidate evaluation criteria for quick evaluations

  • Invite your collaborators, colleagues, suppliers and clients to view and contribute

  • Customize your pipeline to your process by renaming, adding or removing stacks in the pipeline. All in two clicks.

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2. Get applications

Set up your application form by choosing where and how people can apply for your position.

  • Add screening questions for easy overview

  • Use consent forms for data privacy compliance

  • Apply with Link to LinkedIn

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3. Screen, evaluate, hire

Enjoy all the tools you and your team need to make it all the way to hired.

  • Schedule and document interviews in-app with ours or your own interview templates.

  • Discuss and evaluate candidates within your team.

  • Send and receive emails to and from every candidate  either one by one or in bulk.

  • Set data privacy settings and data retention policys for all gathered candidate data.

  • Set candidate reminder to yourself or another collaborator.

  • Automatic logging of all activity

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Start using Happo Free today

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Everything you need - all in one place

Happo is as simple as 1-2-3 but as powerful as any full-blown ATS. Discover all of Happo to save endless hours and save your inbox from drowning.

Manage & post job ads (in beta)

  • Ready-to-use ad templates

  • Integration with Indeed

  • Share on social media

Collaborate with colleagues and partners

  • Invite anyone to collaborate for free

  • Gather discussions, evaluations and comments in one place

  • Collaborate in one process, access everywhere

  • Use Happo as a candidate presentation tool for your clients

  • Send out and receive request-for-quotas to suppliers/from clients

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Evaluate and manage applicants

  • Receive applications by link, email och social media

  • Customize your application form

  • Add your own screening questions

  • Make team evaluations based on your own criteria

  • Manage candidates by drag-and-drop

  • Automatic log of all actitvites

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Communicate with candidates

  • Ready- to-use email templates

  • Magic emails - receive candidate replies as notifications

  • Individual or Bulk emails to selected candidates

  • Schedule emails (in beta)

  • Automatic emails (in beta)

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Make simple

  • Customize your pipeline to every process

  • Customize the candidate preview to make faster decisions

  • Customize your application form

  • Customize email templates

  • Customize interview templates

  • Customize branding to make Happo your own.

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Schedule interviews and reminders

  • Dynamic interview templates in-app

  • Schedule interviews

  • Invite collaborators

  • Sync to calendar

  • Set candidate reminders

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Get recruitment data insights

  • Evaluate application sources with AI (in beta)

  • Export team, candidate and job data

  • Custom reports (in beta)

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Data retention and privacy (GDPR)

  • Set retention rules for candidate information

  • Anonymize email notifications

  • Customize and add applicant consents

  • Ask for extra consents in the process

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Candidate database (in beta)

  • Receive spontanious applications

  • Save candidates for later

  • Search for candidates

  • Recommend candidates with AI

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