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Let's start with 5 tips to improve your talent acquisition


Get to know your talent

To recruit the right people, know what they are looking. Various demographics will look different to each other – before you start communicating to your target audience of talent – get to know them.


Continuously work on your culture

An authentic culture is the key to successful talent acquisition. With a positive culture, qualified candidates will be driven towards your careers site to register their interest in future positions.


Promote an employer brand that targets desired talent

If you don’t tell your story, others will do it for you—and it likely won’t be the narrative you want. You need to make sure your career site just as well as any other marketing communications showcase what makes you an interesting potential employer.


Use social media

Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular as a recruiting source. These platforms humanize both employers and candidates by putting faces to names and breaking down the de-personalized formalities of a job application process.


Improve the candidate experience

In the current job markets, applicants expect a seamless process that resonates with them, just like any other consumer experience. From finding a job and applying to interviewing and even rejection – a bad candidate experience can have an impact on any organization’s ability to acquire top talent. Use a candidate management tool to help you improve the experience.

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Set a foundation for your hiring process

Before you rush to share your job vacancy and start trying to recruit a new employee, take the time to set the foundation for the job. If you put the thought and time into the job design, finding the right talent will go more smoothly because you'll know exactly what to look for.

Some questions to answer before posting a job ad:

Why are you creating the job?

What is the problem or opportunity that has caused you to consider creating a new job?

What are you hoping to achieve?

What issues are you trying to solve?

What tasks are you trying to accomplish?

What are you hoping to achieve?

When you've answered these questions about the job, set some goals. It'll make it easier for the entire organization to work toward the same goal and achieve successful business outcomes. The goal should determine what "product" the job delivers to the group goals.

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Early screening gets the right hire

If you’ve ever hired before, you’ve most likely found yourself in a situation where you were interviewing a candidate and in the midst of conversation, you realized this person doesn’t have the crucial prerequisites needed to fill the position.

To avoid this, write a list of the essential things needed in order to perform this job that can act as a checklist for you to refer to when scanning candidates. This will help you in selecting candidates in the process without ever glancing at their resume or picking up the phone.

Does your recruitment management use a candidate management tool?

Using an ATS or applicant tracking system such as Happo is a modern way to manage candidates. A big perk is that you can add screening questions as part of the application process. This means that when a candidate applies for the job, they will answer your key questions at the same time.

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Do you have what it takes to attract the best employees?

From pay to benefits to culture, employee branding is how your business is viewed by the world. What do you want your company to be? How do you want your company to be seen?

When creating this image, you should look at it as the key to attract the best employees and also the key to keeping them.

So how do you attract candidates and keep the best talent with employer branding?

Put yourself in their shoes.

Perks, compensation, and all the in-betweens – was there something you wished your employer had and would’ve stayed if only?

Remember that you are hiring people, not just skills, so try to put yourself in your candidate’s shoes. If you were looking for a job, what would woo you over and lure you into applying for the job and once there, what would get you to stay?

When you've got everything in place,
write a good job ad

Your job ad is your chance to make a great first impression on people who could be your future employees.

Having a good ad can make all the difference in attracting quality candidates when you share them on job boards. A good ad is attractive, clear, tailored to your target group, and give candidates an idea of your company culture. The goal of the ad is not to have the most candidates applying, but to have the right candidates.

If you write a good ad, you will be able to spark interest with the candidates that are suitable for the position and have an easier time going through the selection process.

Make sure to include key information while also painting a vivid picture and building excitement for the role.

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