Start a new hiring process using your already created position

Here by popular demand, you can now copy previous positions to create a new position 👥

If you're in the staffing and recruiting industry, you'll often run into many similar (if not the same) recruitment processes. Or sometimes you as hiring manager have to hire for the same position again because they were the wrong fit (here's how to avoid it). 

When you add a position, you'll see all your positions in a dropdown list. Choose the position you'd like to copy and use it a base when you start a new hiring process. You'll never have to fill out the same details over and over again!

When you copy a position, all the details will follow and be marked as a copy, so I would recommend changing the parts you need to make it relevant for the current position you're hiring for.

To learn how to copy positions in Happo step by step, check out our help center.

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