Screen and evaluate candidates in one place

This holiday season, use the Force...

And by the Force, we mean Happo’s new features!

We at Happo are geeking out over these new releases (including the new Star Wars movie). 

Happo was created to simplify the recruitment process,

So we checked off multiple features from our user's wish list.

These product updates came straight from a list of requests from our current users.
Think of it as an early Christmas present from us… 

Is there something that you would want in a recruitment tool?
Email us with your thoughts and ideas at!

We're ALWAYS updating our product to suit your hiring needs.

Here are some new things we think you'll enjoy:

Personalize your stacks  

Own your stacks, name them, group your candidates however you’d like. Separate them by Jedis and Siths, or Tattooine and Naboo. Whatever helps your flow. 

Customize your recruitment pipeline in Happo
Name your rercruitment pipeline how you want it

Archive a candidate and save them for later 

You’re looking for a Jedi Master. You want Yoda, but right now you’ve also got Luke Skywalker in front of you. So, you move Yoda to the interview process and well, click Archive Candidate on Luke because let’s face it, your company is growing and you’ll need Luke Skywalker, just not right now…

Archive candidates and save them for later

Screening questions  

We want to be there for you on every step of the process. Use Screening Questions for your candidates to answer when filling out their application. 

Add screening questions to your recruitment process

Have all their answers in front of you, for you and all your collaborators to see, for a quick screening!
Know the answers to critical questions ahead of time.

Evaluation criteria  

With evaluation criteria, you and your collaborators evaluate each competence, skill, or requirement separately, for an even more precise evaluation of each candidate. 

The criteria appear on each candidate card and are rateable on a scale from 1-5, for each collaborator invited to the position!

Add evaluation criteria for your collaborators

Customize your questions and see how all your collaborators rate your candidate. You even get an average score based on these ratings!

Maybe it’s these questions that help differentiate the candidate from Jedi to Sith. Maybe if there were more collaborators involved in Darth Vader's prophecy, they would have realized he would use the dark side of the Force? He started as a Jedi after all... 

Now stop reading and get hiring,

Create your free Happo account now and start your recruitment process today!

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