Happy Birthday to You…r recruiting process.

Applicant Tracking Systems started in 1998. In other words, they are now 20 years old in 2018. Chances are, you're still using one of the methods that were created during this time.

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The first Monster job board was surprisingly created in 1994, while LinkedIn launched 9 years later in 2003. Despite their presence, the Classifieds section in newspapers was still the obvious place to go to find a job. Some of you might remember those days, while the rest of you (like me), grew up in a world where we use the internet for anything and everything.

Many were not convinced that the hiring and recruiting process would move to the online world. It did. As the process shifted, hiring systems needed to adapt too. While I’d like to say gone are the days of complex recruiting systems, that just isn’t the case. 

Just look at this:

Talent acquisition process map

You need something that streamlines this old system and makes it new again.

Maybe something like this?

Streamline your recruitment process in Happo ATS

Happo took all the elements found in the traditional recruiting process and placed them all into one pipeline, simplifying your complex hiring process.

What is the effect of recruiting software?

Of those who use recruiting software or an ATS, respondents overwhelmingly saw a positive impact on their business.

How has software impacted your hiring process?

Recruitment improvement when using hiring software

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Because you should stop living in the past.

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