Here’s to the new year, new you… new job?

It’s finally two-thousand and seventeen! Hurray! Er, I mean, 2018.

Where did all the time go? Am I right?

There you are again with all these goals and inhibitions set. Just like you do every January. You’ve been repeating the “new year, new you” mantra all year. This is THE year, you say. But before you know it, you’re sitting at home, waiting for the clock to strike midnight for the start of another new year, making the same ol’ New Year’s resolutions as last year.

While the new Marist Poll found being a better person and weight loss share the top spot as the most popular New Year’s resolution for 2018 at 12%, 9% of these resolution makers plan to look for a better job. Up from last year’s 5%!

Are you the 9%?

The first week of January has been showing a spike in people searching online job boards during the last four years. That’s good news! As people leave their current positions in search of new ones, there will be more openings for new hires as companies must fill these vacant slots.

Instead of talking about finding a better job, why not make a plan to successfully find one. 

Here are some tips that should help you get that great new job in the New Year:

1.    Prepare your resume/CV

Chances are, you’ve acquired more skills since your last resume update. Those new skills could be exactly what your future employer is looking for. Before you take the plunge and start sending out your resume, make sure you are ready! At this point, it’s all you’ve got to show, so make it stand out from the rest. Head to the Muse for a basic guide on how to get your resume recruiter ready.

2.    Use correct spelling

Check spelling when applying for jobs

Plz hire me 2 werk 4 u. 

Do you want to move on to the interview stack or be placed in the archive? Then proofread, proofread, proofread! That includes your internet acronyms! No “plz n thx” in any communication between you and a potential employer. Save it for texts to your bfflz. If you write too casual, an employer can and will assume that you’re not serious about the job and skip your application. 

Spell the entire word, spellcheck, and keep the content professional.

Not the best writer? There are many tools out there that help such as Microsoft Word and Grammarly.

Use Grammarly to help with recruitment

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Or make one.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for working professionals.

As of April 2017, there were 467 million profiles. In that 467 million, there are a ton of recruiters and hiring managers. So why aren’t you on it? 

Make your profile as good as your resume and start connecting with everyone you know and others that are in the field you’re interested in. After all, 70% of jobs come from networking. Not to mention, LinkedIn also lets you gain insight into different companies and what your future colleagues might be like.

4. Money isn’t everything

Other benefits better than money

Hint: Take a page out of Becoming Minimalist’s blog post.

The top New Year’s resolution is to “become a better person” and maybe that can be achieved by not having your salary be the main focus. Maybe you’ll automatically become a better person by just having more time off. Work can be stressful. Work can turn into the epitome of your life. Perhaps your next job might give you more vacation days but with a little decrease in your pay. Maybe you can find another one with the same pay and more vacation days. Whatever it may be, take the time to figure out what is most important to you on this next venture.

5. But know your worth

Do a little investigation beforehand and find the market rate for the role you are targeting. Yes, I said money isn’t everything, but if you’re going to work every day feeling like you’re undervalued and underappreciated, how happy will you be?

Sites like Glassdoor allows you to see different salaries based on title, company, location, and experience.

6. Nail your interviews

Your resume is impressive and you’ve landed an interview. Now research, research, research! Research the company. If you’re applying for a new position, research the position. Research interview questions. There is no harm in being too prepared for the interview.

(Number 7 works for this too)

Oh, and make sure you've dressed appropriately! Looking at you person who thinks going to a job interview in flip-flops is okay.

And make sure you follow up with a 'thank you' email after the interview!

7. Listen to Beyoncé

Be confident and flawless like Beyonce

Finding a job can be both an exciting and daunting task – keep your confidence up! Listen to Beyoncé’s “Flawless” and keep a positive attitude and momentum going regardless of how humbling of an experience your job hunt can be. Finding the perfect job can take a while (especially while already holding a current one).

Keep your energy up and know that the right job is just around the corner because you are FLAWLESS.

Feature Photo by Brooke Cagle 

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