This is how to write a good job ad to attract great talent

Your job ad is your chance to make a great first impression on people who could be your future employees.

Having a good ad can make all the difference in attracting quality candidates when you share them on job boards. A good ad is attractive, clear, tailored to your target group, and give candidates an idea of your company culture. The goal of the ad is not to have the most candidates applying, but to have the right candidates.

If you write a good ad, you will be able to spark interest with the candidates that are suitable for the position and have an easier time going through the selection process. Make sure to include key information while also painting a vivid picture and building excitement for the role.

To increase your chances of receiving the right applicants, follow this guide:


The title is the most important part in your ad since it is the first thing an applicant will see when looking for jobs. Use titles that candidates would search for so that your job posting can be found on job boards. A title that is clear and eye-catching will make all the difference.

The best titles are:

·      5-8 words

·      Different and creative, but includes the job title since it affects the hits on search engines when people search for the job title

·      Don’t use excess words like “successful, well-known, exciting business,” this does not add to anything.

·      Don’t use personal traits that are obviously perceived like “driven sales person, meticulous administrator, etc.” Instead use words like “junior, studying, newly graduated, etc.”

·      Don’t use terms and titles that are too internal

Good titles can be clear like:

  • “Photo editor with an interest for environment” (enhances with title and attribute),
  • "Developer with an interest in recruitment apps” (enhances an interesting product)
  • “Receptionist to Spotify” (attracts through a known company).



Summarize and pitch the position. Think marketing! A Microsoft survey reported that the average attention span is less than that of a goldfish - it's not true – you just need to grab the reader's attention long enough to stay interested.

Here is a sample from our ad for the Customer Success Specialist position:

“Are you thrilled by the idea of building proven value faster for both the customers and your company? Do you want to stand with one foot in the physical environment and the other in the digital? Do you want to be a part of a tech-startup that reinvents how hiring managers can work and collaborate with HR tools? Do you love a challenge? We want to talk to you!”


So now that you have the candidate's attention, sell them on your company, team, location and all the things that make working for you great. Think of this as a continuation of the hook. Describe the what, where, and why of the job. This is your chance to build an emotional connection between the candidate and the mission of your team.

- What will the person do in this position?

- Why are you looking to fill this position?

- What is the work environment like?

- Why does your company exist?

- What is your company trying to achieve?

- Why is your company the best place to work?

Every year, our sister company Academic Work conducts a survey called Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI) to understand how attractive employers are and what is important when young professionals choose employers. 

Here is the top 10:

- Good Work Environment

- Good Management/Leadership

- Flexible Working Hours

- Geographic Closeness

- Development Opportunities

- Great Values and Culture

- Great Colleagues and Atmosphere

-  Good Salary and Benefits

- Assured Employment Conditions

- Challenging Work Duties

If your company provides any of the above, you should share it in this part of the job ad. They will be vital in keeping the candidate engaged and spark a greater interest in applying.

Write a good job ad to attract the best talent
Photo by True Agency on Unsplash

Photo by True Agency on Unsplash


This is your "elevator pitch" of the position. In one paragraph, help candidates see themselves in the role. Share a few key goals the new hire would work towards while building excitement around the position.

Outline the daily functions of the role by highlighting its purpose and the impact it will have on the company. You want to show the candidate that they play a vital role in the success of your company.


After reading this section, applicants should have a clear idea of the position. Describe the duties as much as possible. What does the workday look like? You should put as much detail as possible to attract the ideal candidate. Oh, and your requirement profile can help you with this too. Describe and promote to whom the position is suitable for and what the position means in responsibility, development, etc.

For example:

"As Client Success Specialist, your work is about making the Happo customer as successful as possible when using our product. The position covers an integration of functions and activities of inbound marketing, sales, consultancy, training and support. For us, the role is divided into two areas where one part is about supporting and consulting our enterprise customers (offline), and the other is to drive a high level of activity and engagement to our other users (online). More specifically, you will be responsible for:

Offline – client success

• Act as point of contact to larger Enterprise clients, such as Academic Work and their clients.

• Attend customer meetings as Happo expert when needed.

• Produce:

• Training material

• Sales material

• Onepagers and other material upon request.

• Perform training/demo sessions upon request.

• Act as Happo representative in client events.

• Support

Online – client success

• Create the best possible onboarding experience for the Happo users!

• Create the set for and conduct webinars to users on a weekly basis

• Create demo / instructional tutorials (together with Content Creator)

• Attend online meetings with users when needed

• Actively work to prevent churn

• Managing and constantly developing Happo’s Help Center

• Responsible for Happo's support

• Measure and monitor user trends and activity

Not completely, a bird set free, but not far from. This will be your game area. You set the framework for our content and make sure to get work done. We believe this can make all the difference."


Wrap up the job description by letting the candidate know the job requirements needed for this role in regards to education, experience, and skills. Be very clear when writing requirements. It’s best to keep the number of requirements and additional qualifications to a maximum of five bullet points.

You should break down the qualifications into two different groups - your minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications. You can write additional qualifications as “It’s a big plus if...”.

You can create a list like this:


• You have an education in marketing, communication, economics, organization or another relevant field.

• You have 1-3 years of experience from customer relationships such as sales, project management or consulting.

• Some kind of experience from the recruitment industry is obviously a big plus.


Finish off the ad by giving a brief background of your company at the end. Let the candidate know what they'll be a part of.

About Happo

We are Happo. On a mission to simplify the recruitment process for all hiring managers in order to keep them focused on finding the right talents. We are one of six startups working in AWX, a sister company to Academic Work. We launched our first version of Happo late 2016, and already have users from all over of the world.


Before you finalize your job ad, be sure to check it for accuracy. You can do this by having a colleague look it over. Have them check for clarity, gendered terms and unintended bias, objectivy, and structure.

And when you're done with your job ad, link them into Happo to see all your applications in one streamlined flow.

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